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Issue 4, April 2011

The fourth issue of the ECVET Magazine contains
  • an editorial by Christian Lettmayr, Acting Director of Cedefop;
  • an article about the results of the OPIR-Project, based on the OPIR final conference on 18-19 February iin Brussels;
  • an article on the designing and testing of mobility units developed by the Aerovet project;
  • an article on the CREDCHEM project about developing and testing a credit system on enhancing the mobility in the chemical sector;
  • an article on the M.O.T.O project, which tests ECVET in practice on mobility in the tourism sector;
  • an article by Cedefop on the general stage of development of ECVET in Europe;
  • a snapshot from the seventh ECVET pilots projects seminar in Vienna; and
  • a series of news items.