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Issue 9, May 2012

The ninth issue of the ECVET Magazine is a special edition, entirely dedicated to the outcomes of the final conference of the ECVET pilot projects 2008-2011 that took place in February 2012 in Brussels.


It contains:

  • An editorial by Ute Haller-Block, Head of Unit EAC-EA: Experiencing ECVET – from practice to policy;
  • An article about the outcomes of Day 1 of the conference: 'Shared understanding of ECVET – Diversity of practical solutions';
  • A synoptic article about the pilot projects' results: 'Results of the 2008 ECVET pilot projects';
  • An article about the outcomes of Day 2 of the conference: What are the necessary conditions to further implement ECVET?;
  • An article on 'Learning Outcomes of the FINECVET initiative' that have been introduced at the FINECVET final conference in Helsinki on 15 March 2012; and
  • A series of news items.