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Issue 2, July 2009

The second issue of the ECVET Bulletin includes:

  • An editorial by Mrs Helene Clark, Director, DG Education and Culture, Lifelong learning: policies and programme. The editorial presents the latest ECVET developments and the roadmap for the progressive implementation of ECVET;
  • An article providing an overview of the second seminar of the ECVET pilot projects, dedicated to the setting up of partnership for credit transfer and to the use of learning outcomes to understand different learning contexts;
  • An article focusing on the Deutsche ECVET initiative, which finances national pilot projects to test ECVET in the German context;
  • An article of the AEROVET pilot project, which aims at testing the principles of accumulation and transfer in the aeronautics industry; and
  • A “what’s new” section, including, among others, presentation of forthcoming conferences and workshops dedicated to the European Qualification Framework and to the question of qualifications for lifelong learning and employability.