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Issue 1, June 2010

This fifth issue of the ECVET Bulletin is at the same time the first issue of the ECVET Magazine. As from June 2010, the Bulletin produced as part of activities to coordinate the work of ECVET pilot projects will be merged with the ECVET Magazine of the ECVET Network. The ECVET Magazine will be published five times per year.
This issue of the Magazine contains:
  • an editorial by Joao Delgado, Head of Unit Vocation Training and Leonardo da Vinci of the European Commission, DG EAC
  • an article about the approach of the SME Master plus project working in the area of skilled crafts
  • an article presenting the work of the project OPIR which is ready to test ECVET for mobility in 2010
  • an article outlining the issues about transparency and recognition of qualifications in the sector of performing arts as faced by the project CAPE-SV
  • a presentation of the VET reforms related to ECVET in the French Community of Belgium
  • a discussion on the role of ECVET in recognising knowledge, skills and competence, including those achieved outside the formal learning context.