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10th seminar: ECVET pilot projects 2nd generation

22 October 2012 to 23 October 2012


The 3rd joint seminar of the ECVET pilot projects 2nd generation took place from 21-22 October 2012 in Berlin. The seminar addressed the following topics:
  • ECVET implementation across Europe: State of play
  • Scenarios of using ECVET to support lifelong learning
  • ECVET related documentation (MoU, LA, ToR) in the context of lifelong learning
Below you will find the presentations held in Berlin, together with some impressions from the seminar.


ECVET Pilot Projects 2nd generation
Presenter: Erik Hess

The ECVET Community of practice
Presenter: Didier Gelibert

Results of the DECVET iniatitive
Presenter: Christiane Koehlmann-Eckel

ECVET implementation in Belgium-fr, France, Germany, Italy and Malta
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna

Using ECVET for lifelong learning: 5 Scenarios
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna

ECVET related documentation in the context of mobility and lifelong learning
Presenter: Karin Luomi-Messerer

Some thoughts on the MoU in the ICARE project
Presenter: Michela Vecchia

EASYMetal: National approach regarding MoU
Presenter: Dr. Petra Notz