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ECVET Magazine
Since 2010, the ECVET Bulletin (published by the team monitoring the ECVET pilot projects) and the ECVET Magazine (published by the ECVET Team coordinating the ECVET Network) has been merged into a single publication: the ECVET Magazine.
The ECVET Magazine is published five times per year:
  • three issues are more specifically dedicated to the work of the ECVET pilot projects; and
  • two issues inform about the activities of the ECVET network
The objective of the ECVET Magazine are threefold:
  • to inform about activities and initiatives to test and implement ECVET, these can be taken by the European Commission and its agencies, by Member States or by stakeholders in form of projects;
  • to disseminate information about the of the ECVET pilot projects funded through the centralised actions of the Lifelong Learning Programme; and
  • to announce the activities of the ECVET Network.
The first issue of the ECVET Bulletin has been published in April 2009.
The first issue of the ECVET Magazine has been published in June 2010.


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