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ECVET Projects
The Council and the European Parliament have placed a strong emphasis on the necessity to experiment and test ECVET, through, among others initiatives, the establishment of pilot projects. 

In 2008, the European Commission issued a call for proposal to finance international partnerships under the lifelong learning action programme whose aim was to test the implementation of the ECVET process in the context of learner's mobility. As a result, eleven pilot projects were selected.
In 2010, the European Commission issued a new call for proposal to finance a new genaration of pilot projects under the lifelong learning programme. This time, the aim was to support national projects to test and develop the credit system for vocational education and training. As a result, eight projects were selected. 

This section of the ECVET pilot projects' website presents information about all nineteen ECVET pilot projects. Particular focus is given to the motivation and approach adopted by each of the pilot projects. This section also provides information about the duration of the project, the target groups, the project’s partners and the contact details of the project promoters. In addition, project presentations, reports and produtcs developed can be downloaded.

In addition to the ECVET pilot projects funded under the lifelong learning action programme, other projects relating to the ECVET testing and development exist. These concern the European Qualification Framework (EQF) projects, which offer interesting complementarities with the ECVET pilot projects and the national ECVET projects; as well as projects funded by the LEONARDO programme.
To accelerate national implementation, national teams of ECVET experts have been selected and appointed.
Moreover, there is the thematic network NetECVET, which consists of 14 National Agencies of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). It promotes ECVET in the context of transnational mobility and supports the implementation process in the member states through a bottom-up approach. It adresses VET practitioners and supports and guides them in the application of ECVET. More information about those projects can be found in the ADAM database.