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4th Seminar: One year on - the progress made

18 February 2010 to 19 February 2010


The ECVET pilot projects have started their work in winter 2009 and in February 2010 they had one year of work behind them.
During the previous seminar in Berlin the wish was expressed to focus the 4th seminar on identifying progress to date with methodologies and approaches designed by the different projects.
Therefore the Rome seminar did not focus on a specific theme. Rather all projects presented the technical aspects of their ongoing work regarding these four areas of ECVET implementation:
  • Units of learning outcomes;
  • What methods do they use?
  • What tools/support have they developed?
  • Transfer and accumulation based on assessment, validation and recognition;
  • In the partnership how is the assessment of mobile learners envisaged?
  • How will they learning outcomes be validated and recognised when learners come back to their home institution?
  • What tools/support have been developed to support the transfer and accumulation process?
  • Use of ECVET points for describing qualifications and units;
  • What methods were used to allocate points to units and qualifications?
  • How do projects intend to use points in their partnership?
  • Consolidation of partnerships in formal agreements.
  • Who will sign the MoU? What are these institutions’ main responsibilities in the qualifications system?
  • What templates for MoU and learning agreements have been prepared?


Presenter: Thiery Joseph

Presenter: Marie Azuelos

Presenter: Philippe Delaporte

Presenter: Christiane Eberhardt

Presenter: Giorgio Allulli

Presenter: Piero Zocchi

Presenter: Alain Bultot

Presenter: Gilbert Engel

Presenter: Andreas Saniter

SME Master Plus
Presenter: Christian Sperle

Presenter: Richard Maniak

1 The Relationship between Credit Systems and Qualifications Frameworks
Presenter: Isabelle LeMouillour - Cedefop