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Final Conference of ECVET Pilot Projects

22 February 2012 to 23 February 2012


After three years of project work, testing, common reflections and joint discussions on methods and tools, the ECVET pilot projects funded through the centralised actions of the Lifelong Learning Programme shared their findings during their final conference in Brussels on February 22-23.
140 persons from 29 countries attended, among whom
  • Representatives of competent institutions involved in ECVET testing and implementation (Ministries but also Chambers or sectoral bodies);
  • Representatives of National Agencies of the Lifelong Learning Programme;
  • Future ECVET promoters; and
  • Practitioners with keen interest in working with ECVET. 

Please consult the presentations held at conference here. 



Synopsis of pilot projects results
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna, GHK and Karin Luomi-Messerer, 3s

Workshop A: OPIR - Perspective of a project led by a national ministry
Presenter: Alain Bultot

Workshop A: Project VaLOGReg
Presenter: Michel Galloy

Workshop B: CREDCHEM - Developing and testing a Credit System enhancing mobility in the chemistry sector
Presenter: Christiane Eberhardt

Workshop B: ASSET - Role of VET providers before mobility
Presenter: Thierry Joseph

Workshop C: Be-TWIN - We have tried ECVET
Presenter: Audrey Noble

Workshop C: CAPE-SV - ECVET and life long learning - permeability
Presenter: Sophie Dunoyer

Workshop D: Project M.O.T.O.
Presenter: Alfredo Menichelli

Workshop D: Project ECVET ASSET
Presenter: Marie-Hélène Delobbe

Workshop E: Project ECVET AEROVET
Presenter: Andreas Saniter

Workshop E: Role of VET providers during and after ECVET mobility. The RECOMFOR / NETINVET experience
Presenter: Sophie Salin

Workshop F: Project SME MASTER Plus
Presenter: Dr. Christian Sperle

Workshop F: Project VaLOGReg
Presenter: Jos Noesen

Day 2: Necessary conditions - Stakeholder perspective
Presenter: Dr. Christian Sperle, UEAPME

Day 2: Necessary conditions - Policy perspective
Presenter: Isabelle Le Mouillour, CEDEFOP