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8th Seminar: ECVET Pilot Projects 1st and 2nd generation - Synergies and Challenges

29 September 2011 to 30 September 2011


This seminar brought together the first (2008-2011) and the second generation of ECVET pilot projects (2011-2013) and provided a chance for them to discuss common challenges and create synergies. 
On the first day, both generations of ECVET pilot projects worked together in plenary sessions and synergy workshops. On the second day, both generations of pilot projects worked separately.
The first generation of projects discussed issues of mainstreaming and dissemination, while the second generation of projects discussed aspects of the technical specifications (description of vocational qualifications in terms of units of learning outcomes, design of learning outcome transfer process - approaches and first results).  


ECVET pilot projects and the broader European policy agenda on VET
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna

National implementation of ECVET - the current situation in Slovenia
Presenter: Špela Lenič

AEROVET: Meeting the needs of Practitioners
Presenter: Andreas Saniter

ECVET Mobility in ASSET
Presenter: Thierry Joseph

CREDCHEM: Structure of the partnership
Presenter: Dr. Christiane Eberhardt

Be-TWIN: Testing a joint ECVET - ECTS Implementation
Presenter: Enrico Bressan

OPIR: Conclusions and recommendations
Presenter: Alain Bultot

RECOMFOR Challenge: Identifying the legitimate actors in the decision making process
Presenter: Sophie Salin

SME Master Plus
Presenter: Rolf Aslaksrud Kristiansen

Definition of units of learning outcomes: The EASYMetal approach
Presenter: Dr. Petra Notz, Marco Vorberger

I CARE Project: How Approaching Learning Outcomes
Presenter: Michela Vecchia

Malta’s Status Quo in the Development of Units of Learning Outcomes for the VET Sector & Approach
Presenter: Louisa Pace Kiomall, Vincent Maione