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6th Seminar: Partnership documentation

18 November 2010 to 19 November 2010

Prague: Andel's hotel

During this sixth seminar the pilot projects discussed:
- guidelines on assessment that were first discussed in the 5th seminar in Barcelona;
- commonalities and differences between the templates for MoUs and Learning Agreements;
- initial considerations on key issues with regard to validation and recognition
- the (pre) final outcomes of two projects: OPIR and MOTO
Among the outputs of the seminar was a revised note on assessment of learning outcomes in the context of geographical mobility which can be downloaded here.


OPIR (pre)final results
Presenter: Farid Gammar and Alain Bultot

MOTO project (pre) final outcomes
Presenter: Ismene Tramontano and Alfredo Menichelli

MOTO (pre) finla outcomes: open questions
Presenter: Ismene Tramontano and Alfredo Menichelli